Do you have a problem of love for now, cheating by your  partner, hard to get agirlfriend or boyfriend, rejected by your idol of the heart, a love affair that is not sanctioned by parent, hated by your child or family, household chaotic, difficult to be able to match, or you want to lock the heart of your partner?


 Services in this site  is perfect for you. Various science and magical objects that exist on this site specifically to matters of love and households. Especially for those who are aged 17 years and above. All people and all religions are allowed. We have designed everything so easy and convenient for you.




JavaLovemagic.Comis aLove Problem Solution Centerreliable and comprehensive in Indonesia. You will be handled by Kang Masrukhan, an expert Javalovemagicwho is also chairman of the Nusantara ParapsychologyAssociation. Only on this site, you can get services and products spiritual described by what it is.





  1. Love is everything in life. People would do anything for love. Because only with the love of our lives more meaningful. Humans can only feel joyfull  whenthey can fully enjoy life with their loved ones.
  2. Love can not be forced by threats or violence. True love can not be bought with money. Therefore you need subtle ways that can penetrate the heart of the person you want to go. You need knowledge of grace as a means of inner effort to get the true love you want.
  3. Java love Magic Scienceis not intended to impose the will. Java love magic science is one of the inner effort to equip enterprises born in reaching love or romance to resolve the issue. Because as people who believe in God (whatever your religion), surely you are sure that the business is born must be balanced with the inner effort to more quickly succeed.


 If you alreadya variety of ways to solve the problemof love or domestic problems you face, but until now has not been successful, it's time for you todo business with Java love magic Science inner or  Sorcerer thingavailable to you. Inshallah, God willing, no matter how serious the problem you face, there will be a way out in quick time.



 Hundreds of people before you have proven benefits Java love magicScience. Now is the opportunity for you. Please choose a service or product that fits your spiritual. If you are confused in choosing, please consult or contact us by  telephone, SMS, email or Yahoo Messenger. We are ready to exert our best efforts to help you.


All productstotal and services of Javalovemagic.Com there are 40 types. Below are just some of the products and services most in demand by the public. If you need any other products or services, you can click on the menu option "Type Products & Services" and please you choose the products and services you need.

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  • Eyesight Pelet Love Magic - Code P13

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Learn Pelet Love Magic


    One of Guru Masrukhan's in-demand and most reliable service is Eyesight Pelet Love Magic, a love magic which mystically works to capture one's heart through eyesight. Eyesight Pelet Love Magic induces affection through eye contact by using high level aura. Very suitable for those in search of significant other.

  • High Level Asmak Love Magic - Code P3

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Learn Pengasihan Love Magic

    High Level Asmak Love Magic is a high level love magic inherited by Guru Masrukhan from his ancestor. It's magical power had been proven by Mbah Supardi, Guru Masrukhan's grandfather who had two wives living together side by side. He had 13 children from them and all these children live harmoniously just like siblings should. High Level Asmak Love Magic is taught by Guru Masrukhan who wishes to share his knowledge with many people, so everyone could gain it's benefits and live happily with the people they hold dear.

  • Jaran Goyang Pelet Love Magic - Code P11

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Learn Pelet Love Magic

    For those who wish to have a high level Pelet Love Magic to capture the heart of their dearest ones, to make them love you will all their heart and accept you as their only love. They will dream about you every night, they will never forget you even for a blink of an eye. If these are what you want, then Jaran Goyang Pelet Love Magic is your most suitable inner effort. Jaran Goyang Pelet Love Magic will make that certain someone unable to forget you and always dream about you in his/her sleep. It has been proven by many owner of this knowledge since hundreds of years ago. Many purposes and intentions in the name of love have been achieved with it.

  • Longing Tears Love Magic Oil - Code P30

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Love Magic Oil

    Longing Tears Love Magic Oil is a fragrance oil which has been blessed through special meditations and high level inner power with benefits to help those missing their love, making the one they love yearning for them till they shed the tears of longing. If the ones you love live far away from you, they will come close. If the ones you love happen to hate you, they will feel lonely without your presence. If the ones you love are indifferent, they will terribly miss you. On one condition, they must be of the people you have known before, or have harbored some sort of feeling for you and you have to be in possession of their picture. This oil has been proven by many people who come to consult Guru Masrukhan. There are lot of stories involving Longing Tears Love Magic Oil, like a runaway children who suddenly come back and apologize to their parents because they missed them so much or a husband who has been long gone with his mistress suddenly comes back to his wife due to his unexplainable yearning for her. There are also those who unexpectedly call their ex-partners again out of yearning, with the help of Longing Tears Love Magic Oil.

  • Love Binding Magic Salt - Code P7

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Love Magic Salt

    Love Binding Magic Salt is a Love Magic Salt which is specially programmed with supernatural energy and prayers to lock/bind your partner's affection. It has been proven by many people who previously used it. Thousands of people have used Love Binding Magic Salt in their attempt to make their partners love them unwaveringly.  Love Binding Magic Salt has been blessed with special knowledge by Guru Masrukhan so you can use it straightaway without having to perform any ritual.

  • Love Emerging Ritual Service - Code P24

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Love Magic Ritual Services

    Love Emerging Ritual Service is a service which aims to emerge love from the bottom of one's heart. This service is suitable for you who want to immediately settle down but have yet to find your future partner or there is already someone you expect to be your spouse but he/she hasn't fallen for you  yet.  Love emerging ritual is easier than love restoring ritual, or any other ritual for that matter. This service will emerge love or affection from the one you desire, with Guru Masrukhan's special rituals. Praise be to God, many people have succeed by using this service, and if this suits you, you can use it to obtain your beloved one's affection.

  • Love Magic Salt for Pelet Neutralization - Code P6

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Pelet Resistance & Neutralization

    Has your partner been changing in attitude this lately? Has he/she started forgetting his/her own promises? Is he/she acting like he/she has never loved you? Is he/she very irritable now? Or perhaps you have found out that your partner is in love with someone else? If your partner is under influence of pelet love magic that makes them change, then Love Magic Salt for Pelet Neutralization is a perfect solution for you.

  • Padureksa Love Magic Oil - Code P29

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Love Magic Oil

    Padureksa Love Magic Oil is a fragrance oil specially blessed with benefits to strengthen romantic ties. For those already tied in committed relationship, like a married couple who want to reinforce their love, Padureksa Love Magic Oil is highy recommended. Especially for husband and wife, so their marriage can last longer in stronger love and affection. For those engaged, it will ensure the chance of soon getting married and blessed with everlasting love. This Love Magic Oil is filled with wisdoms and benefits in function to enhance loyalty of a romantic relationship. If you are married, your household will be harmonious.

  • Prophet Joseph Pengasihan Love Magic - Code P19

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Learn Pengasihan Love Magic

    Prophet Joseph is known for his gorgeous appearance and charming attraction in drawing affectionate attention. His handsome look is only second to Prophet Mohammed. Prophet Joseph Pengasihan Love Magic is a Pengasihan Love Magic which specifically possesses Prophet Joseph's karomah and utilize it for romantic purposes. Attraction, authority, charisma, affection, all will be radiated through your facial aura. So you will radiate a high level Pengasihan Love Magic power. 

  • Solomon Love Magic Gemstone - Code P40

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Love Magic Gemstone

    Solomon Love Magic Gemstone is specially made for men who want to subjugate their partners. That is, to make your wife love and respect you more while being obedient to all rules you made for good reasons. Furthermore, for those who have more than one wife, Solomon Love Magic Gemstone will help you subdue them and harmonize their lives. They will all become submissively obedient and have no quarrel with each other. Thus, your life will be much happier.

  • Soul Captor Love Magic Gemstone - Code P37

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Love Magic Gemstone

    Soul Captor Love Magic Gemstone is a Love Magic Gemstone with very special supernatural energy in form of crystal stone containing Inner Captor Pelet Love Magic Energy, which is very effective to capture one's heart and obtain the affection of the one you love. Usually, Soul Captor Love Magic Gemstone is used to handle rebellious spouses. For example, if you have an impolite, rude, irritable, abusive or disrespectful partner who doesn't understand that you need to be valued as a human.

  • Zakar Asmara Love Magic Oil - Code P31

    JavaLoveMagic.Com|Love Magic Oil

    For those who want to feel the most intense pleasure of making love with your partner, Zakar Asmara Love Magic Oil is highly recommended as it enhances your virility, physical endurance and strength which enable you to experience the most pleasurable sexual intercourse. Zakar Asmara Love Magic Oil is made of original Indonesian spices which have been proven halal (rightful) and beneficial. It can be used by anyone above 17 years of age from all religious backgrounds. Married couples who wish to re-experience  the ecstatic bliss of their wedding night will be satisfied after using Zakar Asmara Love Magic Oil. Your manhood will be impressively vigorous and virile. Besides, Zakar Asmara Love Magic Oil is legally acknowledged by Health Department, registration number: 445 / 515 / 04.05 / 2012 and Office of District Prosecutor General, registration number: B-18 / 0.3.18 / Dsp. 5 / 12 / 2011. May it be of benefit for you and praise be to God, many people have succeed in satisfying their partners by using Zakar Asmara Love Magic Oil from Guru Masrukhan.

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