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All Pengasihan Love Magics, Pelet Love Magics, Ritual Services, Love Magic Oils and other spiritual products on this site are available if you visit Nusantara Parapsychology Association office in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. Or you can get them from distance, both are equally fine. 


For distance order, we will send the package to your address. This package is complete with user guide and any other medium you might need. After receiving, it's ready to use. If there is anything you need to ask, you can consult with Guru Masrukhan by phone/email/Yahoo!Messenger during office hours.


Before ordering, please choose one or several products/services you need. If you're not sure which one to choose, you can consult first. [Click here for consultation]. Please note that by ordering our products/services, you are assumed to be agreeing on our  Order Agreement which applies to all items in If you haven't read it, please read it first.


There are three ways to get our products and services, as written bellow:


FIRST - By visiting our office

You may come to our office during office hours, Monday - Saturday 8 am - 4 pm. We're closed on Sundays and National Holidays. Prior to your visit, please make an appointment first. Because our schedule is very tight, if you don't make an appointment first we afraid we can't ensure you to be served accordingly. Our complete address can be found on  Contact Us.


SECOND - Online Order

If you're used to using your email account for online orders, please follow the procedures you can find on this site. Find the product/service you need, then click the red colored "Add to Cart" button. You can order one or more items at once, then follow the next steps.


THIRD - By sending text message to  +62-85712999772

If you're not used to order online, you can order it by sending us text message. These are the easy steps:

  1. Please name the product or service you need and it's code. Example: Solomon Love Magic Gemstone - Code P36.
  2. Mahr & Delivery Cost Information
    • Mahr of products and services on vary from one another. It's not a price to buy blessing, because blessings can't be sold. Regard this mahr as a service substitute. Give it sincerely as a symbol of gratitute for those who have helped you.
    • Delivery cost for Southeast Asian Territory is USD 21 | Europe USD 31 | USA USD 40, others USD 31.
    • Delivery cost for one or more products are the same.
  3. You can count the total amount yourself. Or you can text us so we may count it down for you.
  4. Next, transfer the total amount to one of these accounts:
    • BCA number 4090414173. Account holder: MASRUKHAN
    • Mandiri Bank number 1350007704784. Account holder:MASRUKHAN
    • BRI number 590001000259505. Account holder: MASRUKHAN
  5. After transferring, send us a text message in this following format: Name - Complete address - Phone number - Email - Transfer amount - Which account - Account holder - Name of product you order and it's code number.
  6. We will check your transfer and proceed to prepare you package. 
  7. Orders can only be delivered the next day after your order. Because our products aren't mass produced, but made one by one for each order. We can't fulfill if you demand your package to be delivered right after transfer.


After sending your package, we will send the delivery number to you by text message. You can track your package by visiting the delivery service's site and entering it's delivery number. The report will be shown afterward. These are their sites:

As per usual, package delivery can be tracked after 12 hours since we hand over the package to delivery service officer. If you have gotten our text message but still can't track the report, please wait for more 12 hours.


If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to contact us.


Call Center 1

Phone & SMS : 085712999772 

WhatsApp : 085712999772 

Email :


Call Center 2

Phone & SMS : 082223338771

WhatsApp : 082223338771

Email :

  • Order Agreement

    Perhaps, there are spiritual services which offer Pengasihan Love Magic or Pelet Love Magic with fantastic promises out there. It's crucial for you to think twice before choosing. Do not choose a service merely because you are provocated by it's fantastic promises and end up disappointed later.



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Call Center 1

Telepon & SMS : 082223338771

WhatsApp : 082223338771

Email :


Call Center 2

Telepon & SMS : 085712999772

WhatsApp : 085712999772

Email :


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