When do we need consultation?

You need consultation when you're not sure which product or service is suitable for you or if you want to hear Guru Masrukhan's opinion on that matter. If you're confused as to what solution you really need for your problem, you'd better consult first before ordering any product or service from this site.


What's the purpose of consultation?

To help you choose the most suitable service or product according to your needs. Guru Masrukhan will give you his best advice to solve your problems quickly. You will get this advice in form of product recommendation. After that, if you agree with the advice, you can proceed to order by following the steps on How to order.


Who will answer your questions?

Your questions will be answered by Guru Masrukhan himself. He is a consultant who also leads Nusantara Parapsychology Association, a non-formal institution which studies spiritual, supernatural, paranormal, parapsychological, metaphysical, miraculous and mystical phenomenons.


How to consult?

There are two ways. First, contact us by email to You can send us email anytime, and will be replied within 24 hours. Second, you can call at  +62-85712999772 / +62-82223338771 during office hours (Monday-Saturday, 8 am - 4 pm /GMT+7, Indonesia Time Zone).


Will all emails and text messages be replied?

If they are ethical, with your complete name, address and questions concerning our products explained clearly, we will definitely reply your emails/text messages. Eventhough our reply might not be instant due to our tight schedule. You will get our reply within 24 hours. But if the content of your text message/email isn't decent, we will not reply at all.


Is this consultation free?

Consultation by phone/email/WhatsApp/text message is free. Even so, please value our time. Ask only the important points without beating around the bush. We don't charge for distance consultation because we can answer your question anytime and anywhere without leaving our activities.


What about direct consultation?

If you want to consult with Guru Masrukhan in person by visiting him in our office, please make an appointment first. Please understand that we charge USD 31 per 30 minutes for this consultation. This fee is merely a compensation for our time that have been spent for you and so you would value your time more.



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