Be the Man of Every Woman’s Dream

Before possessing Pengasihan Love Magic, my life was horrible. I had resorted to all things embarassing, from begging for love to shameless flirting, wasting lots of money with a sole purpose of attracting a woman’s attention, which ended up in a painful rejection. I was ashamed and degraded. I didn’t have many female friends and didn’t socialize a lot because of my unconfidence. I grew a cowardly tendency after being rejected for so many times by the ones I liked.

By learning Pengasihan Love Magic from Guru Masrukhan and getting his guidance, I changed to be the man of every woman’s dream. My sad experiences with women are long gone. Let’s say I had the chance to change 180 degrees from my previous self. I was like being reborn as someone better, not only in a matter of romance but also in matter of social and career. Everything improved because many people enjoy my presence among them all.

Now I feel easy to hang out with anyone, especially beautiful women. The love power I radiate really make them want me.


Hasanudin, Batang Hari