Blessing of Love Magic Salt for Married Couple Bond

I’m a wife who is totally devoted to my husband. I never once deny his every wish. One day I heard a rumour that my husband is being seduced by another woman. I was sad and worried that the rumour might be true. I didn’t care much about rumours, I only care about my husband’s love for me and that he will never leave me.

Not long after that, I started to seek for spiritual means to make our household harmonious still and happier afterward. Then one day I met with someone who once experienced a household complication in a restaurant. We didn’t meet on purpose, she was a housewife, too. She told me about a spiritual consultant who helped her fix her marital problem. I was later taken to that consultant’s place. The spiritual consultant was Guru Masrukhan. I visited his office in Kudus with my aforementioned new friend, Mrs. Nia.

We flew from Jakarta to Semarang, then rode a taxi to Guru Masrukhan’s office in Kudus. Soon after arriving, I told him about my problem and what I expected from our marriage, we really needed guidance and blessings from Guru Masrukhan at that time.

Just a while after listening to my story, Guru Masrukhan gave me some advices and guidance for household and spiritual tranquility. After that he gave me  blessed salt. He said, this salt is named Love Magic Salt for Married Couple Bond. I brought the salt home and did what I was told to by Guru Masrukhan. I was also given a user guide. Praise be to God, until now the blessing of Love Magic Salt for Married Couple Bond is still working. My household is very harmonious and happy. My husband loves me and our children more. There is no longer rumour about him being seduced by another woman.

Praise be to God, and thanks to Guru Masrukhan who gave me blessed salt and guided me and my family. Hopefully many more families will be helped with it. Amen.


Mrs. Wiji Astuti – Central Jakarta