Bulu Perindu Oil

Bulu Perindu Oil is a means of magic oil that have long been used as a heartworm. Whoever uses this oil for a specific target, the target will be devastated, always missing, always reminded of his joy and bound by the user of the Bulu Perindu oil. It is true that Bulu Perindu is a fur that looks like a thread which is stiff with a length of 7 cm and a thickness of less than 1 mm.

At first glance, we see that Bulu Perindu oil is ordinary feather, but spiritually the energy inside is extraordinary. Bulu Bulu Perindu is able to increase the aura of charm for its owner. Aura of love will emanate which makes the person you are going to fall in love with, although initially hate, initially not caring and initially not love.

Just like Bulu Perindu, only this facility is added to oil so that it will be more effective and faster in reaction than just using ordinary longskin. By using this oil, you can use the target photo as a media for you. Easy and practical because it is accompanied by a complete guidebook that will help you captivate the heart of someone you want.

Bulu Bulu Perindu, will be of maximum benefit when the energy from inside is in harmony / in tune with the energy of the User. This is the role of Kang Masrukhan, harmonizing the Bulu Perindu oil energy with the energy of the user if you buy it.


7 Ritual Process Of Bulu Perindu Oil


Energy Filtering

Every object that we find in nature is wild, in the sense that it has two energy that is mixed and the emission spreads everywhere. Energy Filtering aims to separate pure positive energy and pure negative energy in natural Bulu Perindu.


Energy Cleaning

After the two opposing energies are separated, the process then is to cleanse the negative energy contained in Bulu Perindu so that all that is left is only pure positive energy.


Spiriual Treatment

Provide spiritual care for the trauma experienced after the formation of Bulu Perindu.


Multiplying Power

Doubling the natural compassion energy so that it becomes many times stronger than before.


Power Holding

Processing Bulu Perindu so that it is able to absorb positive energy from nature naturally, storing it then emitting it to the owner / user / user of Bulu Perindu.


Stabilizing Power

Making Bulu Perindu has a stable energy beam even though you are in a place that has very low positive energy


Spiritual Locking

Locking the power of compassion in Bulu Bulu Perindu, so that the strength of compassion will not be reduced even if stung by exposure to sunlight, falling in the rain or exposed to air pollution many times.


Benefits of Kang Masrukhan Bulu Perindu Oil

  1. Make people really miss you.
  2. Melting the hearts of the opposite sex with a terrible.
  3. Melt the heart of the boss / boss.
  4. Raise the rank and maintain high positions.
  5. Attract a match that suits you.
  6. Melt the heart of a fierce or dislike-in-law to you.
  7. Melt the hearts of your enemies.
  8. Melt the hearts of your subordinates who like to refute your commands.
  9. Make you liked and loved by many people.
  10. Make anyone who looks will fall in love with you.
  11. Make your aura radiant stronger.
  12. Make your partner, husband or wife become more sticky to you.
  13. Maintain peace in the household.
  14. Increase your trust

As a means to attract sympathy from others

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