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The name of this young and low profile Spiritual Consultant is quite short, Masrukhan. On daily social intercourse, he’s usually addressed as “Kang Masrukhan”. The honorific “Kang” literally means ‘older brother’ and it refers to a respected member among traditional moslem scholars. Guru Masrukhan is the President of Nusantara Parapsychology Association which is located in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia.

Guru Masrukhan graduated from a public Islamic university in Central Java with a degree in Islamic Studies. But his devotion for spiritual knowledges inspired him to learn more about knowledges of mystical and metaphysical nature.

Spiritual ability runs in his family; his grandfather, Mbah Supardi,  was a well-known  alternative healer and supernaturalist in Demak, Central Java. Mbah Supardi led his life as an alternative healer until his death at age 115. Prior to his departure, Mbah Supardi gave his secret knowledges to Guru Masrukhan, because he was deemed as the most talented one among Mbah Supardi’s offsprings.

Guru Masrukhan’s talent and intuition started showing at early age, making him a problem adviser for his surrounding people. He has helped many people solve various problems concerning finance, social life, health, career, love match, household, legal issue, juvenile crime, romance, walfare and so forth with his unique and effective spiritual solutions.

Thousands of people have been helped through various means under Guru Masrukhan’s guidance. When he was a child, Guru Masrukhan never knew how solutions came to him. Everytime someone consulted with him, a solution suddenly crossed his mind. These solutions could be anything, from prayers, attitude improvement, problem solving method, to magical items which possess suitable benefit.

As for magical items, they are available in form of azimatrajahasmak items (energy-filled object) or objects from supernatural realm. Because in addition to being a magical item expert, Guru Masrukhan is also known for his capability to pull out objects from supernatural realm.

During his teenage years, when his friends were prone to playing truant, Guru Masrukhan spent his time learning further about spiritual knowledge of various ideologies, including Ilmu Hikmah (a knowledge which studies the secret of Quranic verses), Ilmu Kejawen (a knowledge which utilizes khodam or spirit) and Modern Metaphysical Science (a science which applies mind power, various styles of pencak silat and inner power), along with many more supernatural knowledges.

Guru Masrukhan admits his great liking to spiritual world or parapsychology, which explains why most of his time is spent on improving his spiritual ability and studying supernatural knowledges. As an institution for his activities in supernatural world, Guru Masrukhan founded Nusantara Parapsychology Association in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. Nusantara Parapsychology Association is an institution which studies  parapsychological phenomenons from both scientific and philosophical point of view. This institution also helps Guru Masrukhan and his colleagues to provide spiritual services for the community in attempt to solve all sorts of problems in life.

When asked why he chose to be a Spiritual Consultant, Guru Masrukhan replied, “I’m only playing my role in life as given by God. Every human has their own role according to their skills and capability. Some of us become architects, doctors, lawyers, merchants, businessmen, employees and so on. I feel entrusted by God with spiritual expertise, so it will be selfish of me if I keep my knowledge without sharing it with the people. Therefore I choose to serve my surrounding society”.

Guru Masrukhan also explains that any role we have in this world, as long as it’s good and useful for the people, then we should accept that role as an act of devotion. A doctor helps by treating patients, a merchant helps by trading fairly, lawyer helps by defending those in need and so on. Whereas Guru Masrukhan himself helps by giving spiritual services to those who need his help, either by coming in person or by phone and email.

If there is any mahr you need to give, it’s a consequence of living in a world where everything has value. Above all, our intention and sincerity in asking for God’s favour are significantly necessary to gain His blessings.


Legally Acknowledged & Certified by Indonesian Government

Health Department registration number: 445 / 515 / 04.05 / 2012

Office of District Prosecutor General: B-18 / 0.3.18 / DSP. 5 / 12 / 2011

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