Learn Pengasihan Love Magic

In javanese term, Love Magic are called as Ilmu PengasihanIlmu means magic knowledge and pengasihan means love or affection. Ilmu Pengasihan is a supernatural knowledge which emerges, enhances and brings back love and affection. In essence, Ilmu Pengasihan has three reactions as mentioned below:

  1. Emerging love  or affection from the hearts of people who despise or dislike you.
  2. Enhancing existing love and affection.
  3. Bringing back fading or disappearing love and affection.

Pengasihan Love Magic reacts gently and gradually, unlike Ilmu Pelet or Pelet Love Magic which reacts harshly faster. For you who desire a committed long term relationship, Pengasihan Love Magic is more suitable. Because the feelings emerged from it’s influence is more natural, stronger and deeper. According to our experience, the result won’t fade over time or other causes.

There are many types of Pengasihan Love Magic in this world. Each one has it’s own uniqueness and character. If you have a good and serious intention, we are willing to teach you Pengasihan Love Magic. All Pengasihan Love Magics we teach here are high level ones which have been proven to be effective since hundreds of years ago.

If you take this Pengasihan Love Magic Learning Programme, you will get Pengasihan Love Magic Learning Guide + Blessed Salt as knowledge transfer medium. To learn Pengasihan Love Magic, you need to perform inner exercises, usually in form of fast and charm recitation according to certain procedures.