Order Agreement

NOTE: Warranty of products and services from javalovemagic.com is meant to prove our real effort in helping you. We will serve and help you until you succeed. For services which fall under the category of  Love Magic Ritual Services, there is Money Back Guarantee applied in case they don’t work. According to our experiences so far, the success rate of our spiritual service is as high as 97%. A really high success rate, of course.


For everyone’s sake and to avoid misunderstanding, before ordering any product or service, please read agreement points on this page. By ordering any product or service from javalovemagic.com, you’re assumed to be agreeing on these following statements:


  1. Your order of products/services from javalovemagic.com is based on your own free will without any coercion from anyone involved.
  2. As a service provider of javalovemagic.com, we guarantee that any product or service you order is going to arrive at your address between 2-7 days, depending on your location. Whereas for services which don’t need delivery, we will process it according to our standard operational procedures.
  3. If you order a product/service from javalovemagic.com, it doesn’t mean you’re buying a blessing of certain object. This is not a trade, as knowledges and blessings come from God The Almighty and are not salable.
  4. As product/service provider of javalovemagic.com we only have a role to guide you in your learning process or problem solving. Your success is determined by many factors, including confidence, sincerity, will, and the last but not least, God’s favor.
  5. By setting certain amount of mahr doesn’t mean we sell Pengasihan Love Magic for money. Regard it as a normal administration fee. Just like how you take an English course or apply to a university and you’re required to pay for learning continuance. Paying course fee doesn’t mean you’re buying education or success. Because knowledge needs to be practiced and success should be achieved.
  6. Pay the mahr sincerely because you value the time spent by those who have helped you. Sincerity is very important, if you still regard this as sale or trade, you won’t succeed in practicing Pengasihan Love Magic or any other supernatural knowledge.
  7. Pengasihan Love Magics and Pelet Love Magics we teach here are supposed to be used for good purposes only. By which we mean you must not harm yourself, others or damage your natural surrounding. If you misused these knowledges, they will bring misfortunes to your life. These misfortunes are God’s warning, blessings will be yours again after you repent.
  8. The mahr you pay is merely a compensation for our service, it covers the cost to provide required necessities. Paying mahr doesn’t mean  buying blessings or benefits of magical items.
  9. If you still have a thought about buying, then the one you actually pay for is our service (time and efforts we have spent for you) and the physical form of the product (fragrance oils, gemstone, etc). You’re not charged for knowledges, blessings or results of the products we give you. Because we believe that humans can only try and hope while God is the one deciding.
  10. Your order can’t be cancelled if we have fulfilled our obligation to send your package or conduct certain rituals as you demand, of which procedures have been explained on this site. We can’t return the mahr you paid for any reason as long as our obligations are already fulfilled.
  11. When you order any product/service from javalovemagic.com, you’re assumed to fully understand all explanations on every product/service you order. Therefore we suggest you to read all descriptions available on this site before ordering any product/service you want.
  12. Programs and courses of Pengasihan Love Magic/Pelet Love Magic we provide on this site are forms of distance learning. Like any other science/knowledge, to master it you have to practice it with diligence and determination. Because only with diligence and determination, blessings can be achieved.
  13. Like schools and courses in general, we will definitely give our best efforts in teaching Pengasihan/Pelet Love Magic to our students. Whereas you as a student are expected to follow the courses as well as you can. As we know, no educational institution can guarantee that all of their students will be intelligent and successful. Therefore, we don’t guarantee that every student will succeed. Because among those students, a few are not diligent enough while another few have no determination in practicing their knowledge, therefore hampering their successes. But according to our experience so far, as long as you practice what we teach you determinedly, by God’s will you will master all knowledges perfectly.
  14. For your success to gain blessing in every effort, you should balance your inner efforts with your practical ones. We believe that a success consists of 50% real (practical) effort and 50% inner (spiritual) ones. Pengasihan/Pelet Love Magic, Ritual Service and products available on this site are inner efforts you sould complete with real ones. You can’t rely on inner efforts only, because that’s against the law of nature.
  15. Pengasihan/Pelet Love Magic, Ritual Services and Magical Items are inner effort mediums which act as complements of your reall efforts. In principle, humans can only try while God is the one deciding. According to our experiences and our students/patients’ testimonies, the success rate is 97%. It’s a really high success rate in spiritual pratices. If you’re a positive thinking person, then we’re sure you will be motivated by this success rate instead of worrying about the 3% failure rate. Keep remember that nothing is 100% perfect in this world, because that’s how nature works. We never promise anyone 100% success, as that’s how it works. But it’s worth noting that our success rate is very high, that is 97%.
  16. For every order from javalovemagic.com, you will get a package containing a product and it’s user guide. Besides, you’re entitled to a lifetime free consultation with Guru Masrukhan (Pengasihan Love Magic expert). You can consult with him regarding the service you take by email/Yahoo!Messenger/text message or phone.
  17. The benefits of our products/services we mention on this site are based on our teachers’ words, descriptions found on ancient scripts pertaining to Pengasihan/Pelet Love Magic, our own experiences and our patients’ testimonies. Experiences in using services/products of javalovemagic.com differ from one another. Which means, not everyone will gain the same result, because each human is unique.



Note for your wistful thinking

If you have ever learnt spiritual knowledge from somewhere else but you haven’t gained it’s blessing, most probably you didn’t arrange your heart correctly at that time.


You have to understand that Islamic teachings (or some other religious teachings, too, for that matter) prohibit any sale of invisible or mystical things. Like selling fruits which haven’t grown on it’s tree. This kind of practice usually occurs when a tree (for example mango tree) is on lease for certain amount of time for harvest. If later the tree doesn’t produce any fruit, then the buyer will suffer a loss. If later the tree produces more fruits than predicted, then the owner might be regretful. Therefore Islam wisely prohibits any sale of things that aren’t visible yet.


In relation to Pengasihan/Pelet Love Magics and magical items we provide, their blessings and benefits are invisible. Miracles happen mystically and aren’t logically explainable. Only God the Manifest knows how it happens. Because religion forbids, as believers we will not sell things of mystical nature. Even if you intend to buy, what you buy is our service and physical form of the product (gemstone, fragrance oil, etc). You do not purchase it’s blessings or benefits.


If only blessing, which is mystical, can be sold like food, it must be very expensive. Not as cheap as the mahr we mention on this site. In fact, blessings are not salable. The mahr you paid is only a form of appreciation for those who have helped you. Blessings can only be achieved with sincerity, determination and resignation to God.


Sincerity means you don’t value something merely from it’s financial point of view. Determination means you should practice the knowledges/rituals diligently. In supernatural practices, determination is an important point. Because strong determination bears various miracles. Resignation to God means you must always surrender to Him. Don’t be dependant on your knowledges or even resigning to magical items you posses. Arrange your heart, regard Guru Masrukhan as your instructor, whereas knowledges and magical items are the paths you should take. The one you must resign to is God the Almighty.


Pengasihan Love Magics and Magical Items aren’t determining factors in all occurences. When you practice a knowlege or use a magical item, keep remember that all powers come from God. Our presence is a mere guidance whereas the knowledge  and magical items are medium to achieve your goals. Don’t be dependant on spiritual knowledge, magical items or us as instructor, because it might drive you into idolatry.



About Success Rate

Many people misunderstood at the beginning. Expecting us to do everything easily like God Himself. Supernatural knowledges are indeed created to help human in solving problems. But we have to realize that we’re still merely humans. Don’t expect too much in Pengasihan Love Magic.


A spiritualist with lots of supernatural knowledges is still not a God who rules everything. We, as spiritual consultant, only help you with various inner efforts which are proven effective by many people. We practice and use supernatural knowledges of which effectiveness have been proven since hundreds of years ago.


According to our experiences in providing products and services on javalovemagic.com to hundreds of people before you, the success rate is around 97%. This is a very high success rate in supernatural practices.


If you’re a positive thinking person, you surely know that our products and services are worth trying. Because those who think positively, always focus on bigger success rate instead of worrying about smaller 3% failure rate.


Our religion teaches that ‘God is as His servant thinks He is’. Therefore optimistic people are usually more successful then people who have been pessimistic from the beginning.


We are sure you know that nothing in this world is perfect. A doctor can’t heal all diseases. A chef can’t cook a meal that satisfies all. And no single knowledge solves all problems.


You should understand that a knowledge is preserved because it’s success rate is higher than it’s failure one. For example, medical knowledge. As you know, not all patients who were brought to doctor would heal. But experience says that medical science has helped so many people, therefore it’s preserved until now.


The same goes for Pengasihan/Pelet Love Magics. They have been used by people since thousands of years ago as a medium to solve various romantic and household problems. And until now, it’s preserved still. Which means Pengasihan/Pelet Love Magics are indeed beneficial for many people.


We need to explain this openly so you can get the correct understanding. Out there, you might find someone who boasts his unbelievable promises about Pengasihan Love Magic or Magical Items he offers you, while in fact humans can only try. We, from Nusantara Parapsychology Association prefer to describe things as how they are to make you understand completely.



MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for Love Magic Ritual Services

Unlike other products and services from javalovemagic.com, we give money back guarantee if you choose to take Love Magic Ritual Services. It’s because we conduct all processes ourselves and you just need to wait for the effect to take place. We perform all rituals from the beginning to end, so we can guarantee how it will turn out.


Terms and conditions apply to this money back guarantee. As a condition, you have to give your and your target’s complete personal details. As another, you and your target have to be acquainted with each other already. The more you know each other, the better. It’s impossible to capture the heart of someone who doesn’t even know who you are. You can’t expect to influence a beautiful actress you merely see on TV. Whereas the term is every transaction will be charged with a 10% administration fee from the total amount you send us.


So, if you choose to take Love Magic Ritual Services, we guarantee your success. If there is some obstacle in the process, we will return your money after administration fee. This fee is allocated to provide the required ritual necessities, such as special fragrance oil, incenses and so on. If the result is not satisfying, you need not to pay for our time and effort, just cover the ritual necessities which cost around 10% of your mahr. We believe this is fair enough for both parties.



Those are the terms and conditions for every order of products/services from javalovemagic.com. We explain these provisions in details so you will not misunderstand.

 From now on, it’s up to you. If you agree with above explanations, please order the product/service you need from javalovemagic.com. If you don’t, don’t force yourself. We want you to order this spiritual service under your own free will, without coercion from anyone.


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