A lot of people have felt the benefits of services from javalovemagic.com. We have received many letters and emails of gratitude, testimonies and successful stories from our customers. Now, let us share a few of those testimonies with you as a motivation that by the will of God The Most Gracious, even most complicated romantic or household problems could be resolved.


  • Be the Man of Every Woman’s Dream

    By learning Pengasihan Love Magic from Guru Masrukhan and getting his guidance, I changed to be the man of every woman’s dream. My sad experiences with women are long gone. Let’s say I had the chance to change 180 degrees from my previous self. I was like being reborn as someone better, not only in a matter of romance but also in matter of social and career. Everything improved because many people enjoy my presence among them all.

  • Being A Love Magnet

    Pengasihan Love Magic from Guru Masrukhan has changed my life, turning me into a love magnet for men. A lot of them are even begging for my love and willing to do anything to get me. They attach themselves like stamps, fighting over me as if am the queen of amour. Practicing Pengasihan Love Magic from Guru Masrukhan’s site has taught me to sharpen my spiritual ability and open my aura of love power while improving my personality.

  • Blessing of Love Magic Salt for Married Couple Bond

    I’m a wife who is totally devoted to my husband. I never once deny his every wish. One day I heard a rumour that my husband is being seduced by another woman. I was sad and worried that the rumour might be true. I didn’t care much about rumours, I only care about my husband’s love for me and that he will never leave me.

  • Blessing of Love Magic Salt for Sexual Desire Binding

    Praise be to God, not long after using the magic powder, my husband ceased his bad habit. He started spending more time with me and made love with me like he used to. I secretly asked our driver, who informed me that my husband had been using Viagra, but to no avail. Then it’s proven, Love Magic Salt for Sexual Desire Binding really works in disabling erection anytime my husband tried to cheat on me. Now, he would be sexually aroused by only me.

  • Dare to Socialize and Make Friends

    I was formerly categorized as a shy and introverted person who dared not to make friends. These traits were not benefitting me in the least, on the contrary loneliness kept torturing me. At that time I was already a college student who should had been dating someone. But that didn’t happen due to my worry that people would treat me unaccordingly, worry that I would be rejected. Everything changed after I got Pengasihan Love Magic, now I dare to socialize and make lots of friends.

  • Finding Ideal Soulmate

    Long story short, I ordered Soulmate Magnet Love Magic Gemstone online from Guru Masrukhan. Shortly after that, praise be to God I encountered a woman who liked me back. In that same year I married her. Soulmate Magnet Love Magic Gemstone is indeed magnificient and beneficial. Now I have a beautiful and kindhearted wife. Thank you Guru Masrukhan for Soulmate Magnet Love Magic Gemstone, may it help others like it did me.

  • Getting Your Husband Back

    After using Cahyo Penyatu Love Magic Gemstone which I ordered online from Guru Masrukhan, I managed to get my lover back. At first, I doubted the benefit of this gemstone, but after proving it myself I now believe that spiritual power does exist.

  • Getting the Girl of My Dream As A Blessing of Eyesight Pelet Love Magic

    I have felt the benefit of Eyesight Pelet Love Magic for real, making everyone attracted to me with my gaze only. I became charismatic and authoritative with the love power inside me which radiates to anyone I look in the eyes. I got Eyesight Pelet Love Magic from Guru Masrukhan through distance course on www.javalovemagic.com and he guided me by phone. I was enlightened on the great benefits of Golden Eyed Semar Pelet Love Magic. Praise be to God, I managed to find the girl of my dream by using Golden Eyed Semar Pelet Love Magic. Many thanks, Guru.

  • Greater Then Expected

    Guru Masrukhan gave me Pengasihan Love Magic so I can be the center of men’s attention and select them one by one to find my future partner. He enlightened me on how to make men unable to hold back their interest in me. Because the wisdom of this Pengasihan Love Magic is to radiate aura of affection which makes all men who look at me feel joy. I truly feel the great sensation after acquiring that Pengasihan Love Magic. An impressive experience, greater than expected and incredible.

  • I Was Totally Changed by Pengasihan Love Magic

    All my perceptions of love have changed. I become confident since having spiritual energy and facial aura which make me glow radiant in front of women. I received many corrections on my weaknesses, including cowardice, shyness and pessimism. Guru Masrukhan gradually taught me the correct steps to attract women’s attention. Thanks to Guru Masrukhan’s advices and the blessing of Pengasihan Love Magic, my life has drastically changed.

  • It’s Easy to Get A Girlfriend

    I’m Rudi from Bukit Tinggi. After using First Sight Love Magic Gemstone, I can easily and quickly find a girlfriend. I used to be unfortunate with love, ignored and treated rudely by women. I was embarassed, doubtful and cautious toward women.

  • Kembang Sukmo Kinasih Pelet Love Magic Brought My Lover Back

    I’m a man who was once left by his lover for someone else. I was loyal and faithful to her, I never thought she would betray me. But the evidence was clear, she left without words even though I had been attentive, caring and protecting her as well as I could.

  • Love Binding Magic Salt’s Blessing

    Praise be to God, a few days passed and my husband came back. He apologized to me for his mistake and momentary lapse in judgement. He said he always remembered me, and his love for me grew deeper. He is now very caring, humorous and romantic.

  • My Boyfriend is More Faithful and Devoted

    I’m Indah Lestari from North Maluku. With the blessing of Guru Masrukhan’s Love Magic Oil, I’m now very much loved by my boyfriend, Tony. We are getting married this year. Before I used Love Magic Oil from Guru Masrukhan, we used to fight a lot. Jealousy, negative thought, incompatibility. Even though we loved each other, there was always something unpleasing to fight over, which slowly damaged our relationship.

  • My Lover Came Back

    Long story short I found a website of Guru Masrukhan who leads Nusantara Parapsychology Association which is located in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. I finally decided to order Love Severance Magic Oil. I used it according to it’s user guide and activated it’s energy with blessed salt enclosed in the package. Praise be to God, after a week my boyfriend came to me, apologizing and asking me to come back. Guru Masrukhan advised me to forgive him and accept him again for our own sake. In the end, we got married in that same year. Love Severance Magic Oil from Guru Masrukhan is magnificiently beneficial. Thank you Guru Masrukhan.

  • My Marriage is Saved

    Thank God I found www.javalovemagic.com, a website which presents Guru Masrukhan’s services, so I could own Dewi Sekar Love Magic Gemstone to help me resolve my household problems. A while ago my marriage was on the edge of separation. The main cause was my husband’s boredom in our marriage, doubled with another woman’s temptation.

  • Opening Eyes for A New Knowledge

    The story of my romantic adventure is getting better and better. There is a sign of tranquility and success in finding the woman of my dream and deciding which one is my future partner. I used to doubt all things of supernatural or mystical nature, but now I have proven that it’s effectively beneficial. Thank you for opening my eyes to see a new knowledge which enables me to explore the world of love and become a new person entirely.

  • Pengasihan Love Magic Makes Your Life Passionate

    But everything changed after I got Pengasihan Love Magic from Guru Masrukhan on  www.javalovemagic.com. I turned to be an entertaining and sociable person who enjoys women’s company and life sensation. Women are jewels of the world, beautiful and soothing. I have lots of them as friends, while selecting which one of them is suitable to be my life partner. I think it’s time for me to settle down.

  • Physical Appearance Is Not the Only Attraction

    After learning this Pengasihan Love Magic, I realized that even if physical appearance helps, it’s not the only one that matters. Looks may change. What we have inside is more important than what we have outside. Guru Masrukhan opened my eyes that everyone has their own love power which attracts their opposite sexes naturally.

  • Self Attraction and Love Power Improvement

    This true story of mine is a proof that magical items like Love Magic Oil or other objects which have been blessed with prayers are really effective and beneficial for many things. I personally have felt the blessing of using Handshake Love Magic Oil for my life. It improves my self attraction and love power aura while broadening my social interaction network without making me feel anxious and cautious. I become so confident. Thank you Guru Masrukhan for Handshake Love Magic Oil.

  • Soul Captor Love Magic Gemstone’s User Testimony

    I have proven the marvel of Soul Captor Love Magic Gemstone from Guru Masrukhan, President of Nusantara Parapsychology Association. At that time I fell in love with an exceptionally arrogant pompous woman. But I loved her really much. I approached and seduced her through various ways, spending a lot of money to find spiritual help but nothing worked just yet. Long story short, I found Soul Captor Love Magic Gemstone from Guru Masrukhan’s website. I ordered one then use it to capture her heart.